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About Us

Allow us to introduce ourselves.


We’re Jeb and Sarah Butler. 

In 2000 we moved from Arizona with our two kids, Rebekah and Levi, to Plain to house-parent at Alpine Boy’s Ranch, a group home for boys without families. When the ranch closed in 2002, we realized we had fallen deeply in love with that little mountain valley, and began thinking of ways to continue living and working there.

With an increase in weekend homes and rentals in the area, we saw a need in hot tub water maintenance…and so Sparkling Spas was born. We quickly lived up to our fledgling business’s motto, ”Take the headache out of your spa” by keeping the water in our client’s spas sparkling clean, but only taking care of part of the process wasn’t enough for us. After those first couple years we decided to grow our business vertically and began selling spas made in Oregon and ensuring that our customers enjoyed every aspect of spa ownership. In 2017 we opened our showroom and retail space in Leavenworth, WA.

Our life philosophy is simple: we love to work hard so we can play hard. The Pacific Northwest provides plenty of opportunities to bike, backpack, kite-surf, ski, and snowmobile...and we try to take full advantage of everything it has to offer. Our commitment is to provide a service that surpasses any other you’ve experienced. Because there are few things better after a long day in the outdoors than sinking into a crystal clear spa. We’ll make sure yours is always ready for you!